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    To invest, it is to choose… And to choose is an affair of the heart.


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art


Art soaring defines with you, in a personalized way, the frame of a relevant purchase for you:

- which medium

- which artistic movement/trend/stream

- which place in your life

- what is the appropriate budget

- which  financial objective/goal


Artsoaring identifies   at the heart of the international market of the art of the works closely corresponding  to your satisfaction


Select the electronic support  available (photos, videos ….) and if applicable and practical ,  you  may travel  to look at the art work.


Once decided on your choice,  make your request  to Artsoaring who will send you an invoice and a certificate of authenticity of the art work.

The art work is then delivered to you at your home and installed.


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

We accompany you in your search  and acquisition of the contemporary  art work.In the strict respect  of confidence, we propose:

Assurance of  a continued surveillance of the current events of the market of the art in the form of:

- Visits to galleries

- Visits to big international fairs and biennial events

- Meetings with young artists and emerging artists

Advice and assistance in the management of your collection:

- Monitoring

- Expertise and estimation

- Insurance and transport

- Storage and preservation / retention

Personalise the follow-up of all the needs relative to your project

■ Look for and select specific works, in response to your expectations  and to your requests

■ Assure you of our   assistance or your representation in public sales.

■ Be a relay in your asset management

■ Provide you  with legal and tax advice

The dream, the pleasure of an acquisition with  a relevant securities investment, here   is the capital gain of Artsoaring...


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

Why Artsoaring?

Whether  your motivation is the pleasure of the acquisition of a work, a diversification of the family heritage ,  or a financial investment or tax interest,  buying  a work of contemporary art remains a delicate act.

The multitude of the works, the galleries, the fairs make informed purchasing  acts difficult for the uninitiated

Mode of fonctionement

Artsoaring  proposes works already sorted out in their quality by a thorough knowledge of the market of the contemporary art :

quality of the gallery, career/journey and progress of the artist, artistic value of the work in its segment, knowledge of the movements, disclosures,  quality of the state, fairness of the price with regard to the market.

Advise and support

Artsoaring aims at opening to you ,with few risques, the market of the art if you want to invest, if you so dare, not for lack of knowledge and of sufficient understanding of the market.Actually, to have an eye takes time, and it  can take a few years before understanding how the world of the contemporary art works. Today , the purchase of a work of art is  still not as simple.


ArtSoaring ::: Advises in the acquisition of a work of art

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